About Us

Practical is a lifestyle brand revolving around your comfort and convenience. Our values are simplicity, fashion, and most importantly, practicality. With Practical, you can wave good bye to compromise and inconvenience.

Our Story

Practical was shaped on a personal struggle. As two engineers who are also active in the athletic field, very few bottom wear could accommodate the diverse areas of our lifestyle, whether it be the gym, the office, or casual outings with friends. The need to always be in appropriate attire for all parts of our life was more than just an inconvenience, and frequently changing outfits was a hustle! What we needed were pants that were conveniently comfortable, smart, and reasonably priced. All in all, we were looking for practical pants. Driven by the inconveniences, we were inspired and motivated to seize the opportunity to build our brand. Rather than limiting the concept to bottom-wears, we’ve decided to take it further. Stay tuned!

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